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Chủ Nhật, 12 tháng 8, 2012

MU Radiance SS1 free, dễ chơi 70 rs = 50k credits

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Server: RadianceMu Easy
Server is From: Bulgaria
Version: 97d+99i
Experience: 99999x
Drops: 99%

Bless Bug: ON
Reset Lvl: 330/1000
Max Level: 1000
Reset Zen: 1 mil
Reset Points: Keep STATS!
Bonus for Reset Points: 5000 (reset from game) comands /reset
Comands: /add stats max 10 000
Points Per Level: 90/100
Box+1,2,3,4,5 Shop Lorencia !
Wings 1 & 2 Level in Shop !

Maximum Stats: 32767
Max Resets: 1000
Max Grand Resets: 100
Clear Inventory: No
Clear Skills: No
Clear Stats: No

- :: Custom Commands :: -

To use skin you need to be 50 reset's and have 50 credits!!
/grandreset - 70 reset = 5000 bonus credits
/evo - 150 level dark knight = blade knight(more easy)
/post - global message
/addstr - add stats in game
/addagi - add stats in game
/addvit - add stats in game
/addene - add stats in game
/pkclear - clear pk
/reset - 330 lvl, keep stats, 5000 bonus points
/marry - You can get married for a player in the game!


Davias church
Husband - 209 16
Wife - 210 16
How to use it?
Go to specified coordinates
Husband must type: /marry wife's name
Wife must type: /accept

Marry commands and other:

/tracemarry - find your wife/husband
/marrystatus - online/offline
/getmarry - see for who you are married
/divorce - divorce
/time - see the time and date
/exit - force exit
/buy - buy set or something else
To use /buy you need to 1lvl 1 zen
/sell - sell set or something else
To use /sell you need to be 1lvl 1 zen
/online - online players
/clearinventory - clear inventory

Move Comands:

/move stadium - Stadium Arena
/move neli - Arena stadion
/move davias4
/move atlans
/move atlans2
/move atlans3
/move noria
/move tarkan2
/move dungeon
/move dungeon2
/move dungeon3
/move losttower
/move losttower2
/move losttower3
/move losttower4
/move losttower5
/move losttower6
/move losttower7
/move icarus = go icarus
/move icarus2 = go icarus2

- :: Custom Events :: -

Happy Hour
Party Exp Bonus

- :: Security :: -
Anti Disconnect Hack
Anti Guild Crash
Anti Vault Dupe

- Vote System - Vote for Us and Get Rewarded!
- 24/7 Online Dedicated Server hosted in Bulgaria, Varna.


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