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Thứ Bảy, 28 tháng 7, 2012

oclHashcat-plus v0.08 Released - fastest password Cracker

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oclHashcat-plus is Worlds first and only GPGPU based rule engine and Worlds fastest md5crypt, phpass, mscash2 and WPA / WPA2 cracker.


    Multi-GPU (up to 16 gpus)
    Multi-Hash (up to 24 million hashes)
    Multi-OS (Linux & Windows native binaries)
    Multi-Platform (OpenCL & CUDA support)
    Multi-Algo (see below)
    Low resource utilization, you can still watch movies or play games while cracking
    Focuses highly iterated, modern hashes
    Focuses single dictionary based attacks
    Supports pause / resume while cracking
    Supports reading words from file
    Supports reading words from stdin
    Integrated thermal watchdog
    20+ Algorithms implemented with performance in mind
    ... and much more


    osCommerce, xt:Commerce
    SHA-1(Base64), nsldap, Netscape LDAP SHA
    SSHA-1(Base64), nsldaps, Netscape LDAP SSHA
    Oracle 11g
    SMF > v1.1
    OSX v10.4, v10.5, v10.6
    phpass, MD5(Wordpress), MD5(phpBB3)
    md5crypt, MD5(Unix), FreeBSD MD5, Cisco-IOS MD5
    DCC, mscash
    descrypt, DES(Unix), Traditional DES
    md5apr1, MD5(APR), Apache MD5
    OSX v10.7
    DCC2, mscash2
    Cisco-PIX MD5
    Double MD5
    vBulletin < v3.8.5 vBulletin > v3.8.5
    IPB2+, MyBB1.2+
    Oracle 7-10g


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